2022 is all about Lizzo

Cover Photo By Star Max 2021

Lizzo has made herself a household name throughout the past few years. Her self-confidence, body positivity, and unfiltered social media have created a fan base that only spreads happiness and good vibes. Along with multiple new projects coming up, she just made an appearance at weekend 2 of Coachella with Harry Styles, making people love her even more. Let’s understand what Lizzo is up to these days and why fans are thrilled with her future endeavors.

Photo By Bryan Bedder

Looking to dive into other industries, Lizzo recently just launched a reality competition show on Amazon Prime titled “Watch Out for The Big Girls”. The concept of the show follows the singer trying to find backup dancers for her newest tour. According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lizzo expressed that when she asked agencies for plus-sized dancers, they gave her no options, revealing that representation in the music industry needs a lot of work. In addition to representing bigger girls on television, most of the contestants are black women, which is important. In my opinion, Lizzo is doing all the right things. The show is produced and created with such genuine intent that it makes every episode enjoyable to watch. She is an artist that always holds up her values and settles for nothing less. In addition to her own tv show, Lizzo also made her first appearance on SNL where she hosted and was the musical guest. The response was nothing but positive as people shared clips of both her sketches and performances. If she was nervous at all, you couldn’t tell because of her natural stage presence and comedic humor. SNL was also a great way for her to introduce her newest single “About Damn Time”.

Photo by NBC

Her music since the start has been groovy and takes away any stress that you might have. Her biggest hits including “Juice”, “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell” have melodies that are instantly recognizable. With anything that she releases, her numbers skyrocket, and it is no different as she promotes this new song. The single is from her upcoming album, Special, which drops in July. Fans have been waiting for new music since her last album Cuz I Love You in 2019. I think the record will be extremely successful, and maybe reveal a new side of Lizzo that we haven’t seen yet.

During this past weekend, Lizzo was also lucky enough to perform with Harry Styles during the second weekend of Coachella. The pair sang “I Will Survive” and the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful”. The crowd went wild at the singers in their matching outfits and energetic dance moves. Overall, Lizzo has had an exciting year so far and it seems to be getting better. Be on the lookout for more content and music from Lizzo in the upcoming months.