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Aminé's "Riri": Is It A Hit Or Miss?

Aminé, 2016's breakout star after hit single Caroline, released a new single entitled Riri earlier. Ironically, this new single could be considered the antithesis of Caroline. Caroline, a song about a new relationship with a girl that is everything Aminé could want is quite the opposite of Riri. Riri is about an ex-girlfriend that compares herself to Rihanna but misses the mark by a mile.


Aminé consistently has some of the best backing tracks and follows through on this particular track. The beat is a mellow 90's vibe supported by Aminé's relaxed flow. Aminé changes his flow from slow and lazy to quick and punctual on points he wants to emphasize which really adds dimension to the song. The sound earns an 8/10.


As mentioned earlier, Aminé switches his flow in a meaningful way which shows his supremacy as an artist. He also tries his hand at singing during the chorus, which was an adventurous endeavor however, it was also a failed endeavor. Aminé should stick to rapping or perhaps, a feature would've served him well. This single definitely isn't his most introspective and thus, the lyrics aren't very deep but there are some quotes in the song for sure. The rapping earns a 6.5/10 from Intersect.


The single is inspired by a failed relationship where the girl in question broke Amine's heart 3 times so he decided to leave. The cover art appears to be a ticket stub for a performance by Aminé. It features a showgirl and it's purple, Amine's favorite color's complementary color. I can't derive much meaning from the cover art beyond it looks cool which isn't a bad thing. Not everything has a deeper meaning and sometimes art is made just to look cool. The art behind the single is an 8/10.

Riri is a fun song but it's not a personal favorite. Overall Riri earns a 7.5/10. Listen to the single below.

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