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In Review: Ariana Grande's "yes, and?"

With her latest album, Positions, released in late 2020, Ariana Grande has finally returned to music, and as expected, it is quite evolutionary. Her newest single, “Yes, and?,” embraces whom she finds herself to be in the present, an exemplary reflection of her journey as a musician, all the way from her Positions era and into her highly anticipated upcoming album. 


With an exhilarating introduction of vibrant beats and soothing hums, “yes, and?” teases the essence of Ariana’s long-awaited debut, promising the pinnacle of a fusion between both fearlessness and disco. Her unparalleled vocals linger delicately on the melodies of the '90s-esque track while delivering tunes of empowerment, a nature that Ariana has never been scared to embrace. Although paying tribute to sounds of the past, she flawlessly unites her voice with the track’s never-ending, stimulating beats. But alongside her transformative musical prestige, “yes, and?” is topped off with angelic affirmations amid the bridge; a reminder of Ariana’s mastery of elegance and melodic prowess. 


It’s no secret that Ariana is a vocal powerhouse, and although she exhibits gentle harmonies in her latest bop, the popstar doesn’t lose sight of making sure her powerful presence doesn’t go unnoticed. Like always, her vocals drip with tones of grace -  but make no mistake - Ariana is forever unapologetic in spirit. Daring in nature, she sings, “Yes, and?//  Say that shit with your chest, and// Be your own fuckin’ best friend//,” a chorus displaying her sense of poise among the constant scrutiny she stumbles upon. Ariana’s latest song is not only an homage to her eternal resilience but a reminder that she’s learned to make peace with the perceptions of others and isn’t here to please anyone but herself. 


In “yes, and?,” Ariana finds solace in embracing her identity. Her long-awaited homecoming to the universe of music not only left the world brimming with anticipation for over three years but also left us to ponder the ways in which her musical sound has evolved since the release of Positions. With sounds of trap and R&B laced throughout her discography, Ariana reveals an emotional and striking transformation in “yes, and?”; the track is unique in essence, but one thing is clear: she stays true to herself, unapologetically. One of the most prominent stars in music, the pop idol finds beauty in change. 

Ariana earns a 10/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream “yes, and?” below.


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