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LP is "The One That You Love"

Up and coming indie-pop singer Laura Pergolizzi, otherwise known as LP, released her single "The One That You Love" in late July 2020. Featuring powerhouse vocal melodies and just the right mix of instrumental and electronic elements, the song is sure to be an alt favorite.

In an interview with Wonderland, the singer said: "On my new single, 'The One That You Love,' I feel like I allowed myself to conjure up all of the genres I love and just let it rip, wild-style, as usual. The melody flew out as if already written – all my favorite songs I’ve written have been like this." She also mentioned that the single was inspired by her "infatuation with relationships" and the importance of checking in with a partner.

The music video for "The One That You Love" perfectly captures the essence of the single, following LP as she journeys through Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, CA. Shot during the pandemic, the ranch's 8,000 privately owned acres not only lent itself to a vast cinematic look but also to a safe, social-distanced shoot for the crew and LP. The artist mentioned that Darren Craig, the director, "did all the right things and it ran very smoothly and the crew and everybody was great. And we got that great mind f*ck Westworld thing going on, it was great." Listen to her new single "The One That You Love" and check out the video below.


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