Big Time Rush Has a New Sound

Photo By Wikimedia Commons

As we know, the pandemic sparked many reunions and comebacks of childhood tv shows and bands. The year 2020 revived the music industry in multiple ways, and Big Time Rush decided to take advantage of that. They have released two new songs and just announced the “Forever Tour” for the summer of 2022. Here is how BTR made their return and what we all have been missing for almost ten years.

Photo By Charles Eshelman 2010

The band consists of four members, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena Vega. The band originally started on Nickelodeon in 2009 when the self-titled tv show “Big Time Rush” aired for fans to watch every week. It ran for four seasons and the last episode finally aired in 2013. BTR brought chaotic energy to the screen that people loved, along with some iconic music. The show followed the band’s journey in their parody world of Hollywood and how they navigated being teens and being famous at the same time. All of the music that was created in the show was released for fans to listen to. As a result of the success, the band released three albums and various other singles such as “Boyfriend”, “Windows Down”, and “City is Ours”. After the band split up due to the show ending, the guys figured out their own paths to go down. They explored other acting opportunities, started families, and made solo music. Kendall is also part of the music duo Heffron Drive, which has been releasing music since 2013.

After an 8-year hiatus, BTR released a video on Twitter in April of 2020 addressing the pandemic and teasing projects that might be coming up soon. Finally, after waiting for so long, Big Time Rush came out with a new single, “Call it Like I see it” at the end of 2021. The song is upbeat, groovy, and all the members sound better than before. Searching for a new sound, the guys are back and ready to dive into their music, which is really exciting for fans. Throughout December, BTR made appearances at Jingle Ball Radio concerts and started to perform live again. Their new single, “Not Giving You Up” came out just after Valentine’s Day along with their first music video back. The energy Big Time Rush gives off is the same as it ever was; fun, loving, and genuine. I personally have been a fan of them forever and absolutely love this new era and journey for them. You can find all things BTR here!