Bobby Shmurda Released From Prison After Six Years

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has been released from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Clinton, N.Y. today. Shmurda, whose legal name is Ackquille Pollard, was locked up for a little more than six years — about two in New York City jail and four in state prison — after his December 2014 arrest on conspiracy and weapons charges.

“At approximately 8:30 this morning, Ackquille Pollard was conditionally released from Clinton Correctional Facility. Mr. Pollard will be under community supervision in Kings County until he completes his sentence on February 23, 2026,” wrote the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in a statement to Pitchfork.

Some of Pollard’s post-prison plans were revealed during a meeting with parole officials. In a transcript of this meeting first obtained by Vulture, Pollard said he wanted to get his high-school equivalency diploma. He also told them: “I’m still going to entertain” and help at-risk youth.

“I just got a lot of plans to just talk to like — I grew up in a lot of juvenile sentence, so I just want to talk to the juvenile kids, let them know that even when you come up in certain places, I feel that I was — I was raised, sometimes you feel deprived. You feel like you can’t be nothing and jail is it, that’s it,” he said. “I want to talk to those kids, you know, in those places and tell them they can be more and this is not it. Nobody want to spend their life in jail and I feel like they can do so much more.” We can't wait to see — or listen to — what's next for Shmurda.