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BTS Fan Collective One In An Army Matches The Group's $1M Black Lives Matter Donation

The K-Pop group BTS donated 1 million dollars to different organizations that are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Because of this, a collective of dedicated BTS fans, One In An Army decided to use their platform and network to match the million.

One In An Army launched its fundraising campaign on June 1st and raised over $50k in donations within just four days.

On Saturday, June 6th, BTS' management company announced the group's 1 million dollar donation to organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement. When One In An Army found about the donation, they created the #MatchAMillion campaign in efforts to match BTS' million dollar donation.

“We’ve run big projects before,” a One In An Army spokesperson said in a press release, “but the amount of support for this project is overwhelming. We truly didn’t know whether the goal would be reached. We’re so proud that ARMY have once again channeled their power for good, and are making a real impact in the fight against anti-black racism.”


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