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Press Play: Chanel Loren Releases "Carelessly Doomed" Featuring Kota The Friend

Chanel Loren, the South-East London-born singer-songwriter now based in Sydney, returns with "Carelessly Doomed," her first release of 2024, featuring American rapper Kota The Friend. The single seamlessly blends Chanel's soulful vocals with pop melodies and R&B sonics.

Minori Ueda ©

In a statement, Chanel reflects on the track, saying, "‘Carelessly Doomed' is an intimate conversation to myself about owning my overthinking and perfectionist tendencies (which I do a lot!) It's me consciously trying to let things go and accept the process - even if it scares me. I’m in my ‘Que Sera’ era. The feature with Kota The Friend happened really organically. I opened for him on tour at the end of 2022, and we got along super well. Shortly after, I started teasing 'Carelessly Doomed,' and he heard a snippet and immediately DM’d me asking for the instrumental. The rest is history!”

Chanel's dynamic 2023 included an ARIA nomination for Best Soul/R&B release and performances alongside IDK, Sudan Archives, and Masego. 'Carelessly Doomed' continues her musical journey, inviting listeners into her 'Que Sera' era with its captivating melodies and introspective lyricism.

Listen to 'Carelessly Doomed' featuring Kota The Friend below.


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