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Courtney Paige Nelson Releases Debut EP 'Fever Dream'

Courtney Paige Nelson — a rising pop artist and former America's Next Top Model contestant — has released Fever Dream, her much-anticipated debut EP, featuring her two previously released singles "Cease and Desist" and “Andy."

"This EP is all about the year 2020 and how it felt like a fever dream," shared Nelson in a statement. "It was a hard year for everyone dealing with the pandemic. With so many emotions and things I dealt with privately, I turned all of that into what you’ll hear on this very personal collection of songs. This was a journey towards a new sound for me as an artist, so it’s very different from what I have previously released. I took 2020 to re-create myself as an artist. Who am I? What do I want to sound like?"

Photo courtesy of Nelson

"One of the songs on my new EP is call 'Senses,' which I wrote about how the senses can get triggered when you leave someone or experience a tough loss," shared Nelson. "Each verse describes something about each of the sense – the smell of someone’s cologne making the hair on your neck stand up or perhaps hearing someone’s name – the same name as your ex. All of our senses have memories attached to them."

"The title track describes how I felt during the pandemic," added Nelson. "I really put my head down and hustled in 2020. I worked my heart out because I wanted to be on top of things when the pandemic ended. Fever Dream is about how I want to make it music more than anything. I don’t have a Plan B. And sometimes I feel like I have to work extra hard because I am my own support system."

Stream Fever Dream below, and let us know what you think!



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