Daft Punk Break Up After 28 Years

Daft Punk, the dance music duo from Paris has gone their separate ways. Responsible for countless dance and pop hits, this news has come with a lot of nostalgic reactions from fans. The duo broke the news with an eight-minute video that was titled "Epilogue".

Daft Punk is made up of Guy-Manuel de Momem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The two came together in 1993 and came with a new angle to dance music that included a French touch. Some of their most popular songs include "Get Lucky" and "One More Time". They are also credited for the production of multiple Kanye West tracks including "I Am a God" and "Black Skinhead", and the hit track by the Weeknd "Starboy".

Listen to this Spotify playlist that features popular Daft Punk songs below.