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In Review: Daniel Caesar's "Do You Like Me"

R&B artist, Daniel Caesar is known for his heartfelt, intense, and ethereal sound. He is widely appreciated by soul music lovers everywhere. He received critical acclaim for his first album, “Freudian” and recently has been teasing a new project. He released a track on January 27th, 2023, titled, “Do you like me?”. Here is what we think about the track.


The tone of the guitar on this song stands out, as it transitions from a washy, light sound to a fuller sound with more body. Daniel’s vocals are soulful, accompanied by a magnificent falsetto. It is packed with riveting harmonies. The drum beat remains simple, but the bass line makes up for it, being a necessary addition to the track. Towards the end, the bass and his harmonies become isolated, forcing listeners to focus on the beauty of these two parts. Daniel receives a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for his sound.


Daniel discusses his newest love interest on this track, singing, “I wanna be in love again”. He wonders if his feelings are reciprocated by the other party and ask, “Do you really like me?”.This track reflects the struggle of the unknown in romantic circumstances. Not knowing how the other party feels about you is always a difficult place to sit in, and Daniel creates a relatable narrative for fans with the use of these lyrics. This gains Daniel a 7/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for his lyrics.


Daniel began to tease this song on his TikTok, releasing short, highly produced videos that previewed snippets of the song, gathering tons of traction before its release. Additionally, he went to Instagram, reposting stories of fans appreciating the song, and he released a lyric video for the track. For his art, Daniel gains a 6/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Overall, "Do You Like Me" receives a 7.3/10.

Stream the track below.


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