Darwinism Relates to Music Too: An Editorial

Music has deep-rooted origins. These origins come from different cultures, races, and religions. Like humans themselves, music has evolved with time. But, what makes the evolution of music so special is its direct relationship to the evolution of human beings. As human beings grow and go through change, culturally, technologically, and physically, music and develop right with them.

The true origin of music is unknown. However, as we can imagine, it comes from rhythm and sound. Rhythm and sound root back to Homo Troglodytes(cavemen) and Neanderthals. According to certain studies like BBC's, Neanderthals actually created musical instruments from ivory and bone. Neanderthals found it difficult to find societal unity, and early music may have been one of their attempts at unity. But I'm not going to give Neanderthals the credit of being so intellectually advanced that they knew it was music. Like I previously stated, it was just their attempt at the sound. But, the mind always has deeper reasons for our creations, even when we aren't intellectually advanced enough to know that we're on to something.

As time went by, music passed through many different periods: prehistoric, ancient, biblical, early, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and more and more and more. All of these periods brought us to modern music: where we are today. With each advancement that humans made, more resources came about for making music, and different periods came about. For example, prehistoric music consisted of sound from bones and ivory, but when ancient music came about, it did so because certain ancient civilizations had the resources and knowledge to create new structured instruments like flutes. This example is similar to how mainstream and accessible the production of music became when producing systems became more high-tech and wide-ranged. Today, music is made every day, and the production of it is accessible to anyone due to music production technology on computers, online keyboards, and even the simplest: free beats on Youtube. Nobody even really has to worry about grinding on a keyboard to create beats, because Youtube has them! Youtube wasn't there 100 years ago, or even 50. This accessibility is fairly new, and that's why we are in such a musically driven era. On top of beats, you don't even need a recording studio to produce music anymore. You can do it with a smart phone's recording application, or simple equipment off of Amazon. These examples really show how music's place in time really depends on our place in time as humans. It's safe to say that in 50 years, music will be even different and that in 100 years, modern music will be in the dust.

Although the advancement of music may cause a crazy change in 100 years where nobody even cares about what is made today, every single advancement in music matters. From ivory instruments to the flute, to recording devices, to youtube and amazon equipment, it all matters.