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Does Future's "High Off Life" Rank High On Our Intersect Rating Scale?

The internationally known Atlanta rapper Future just released his newest studio album "High Off Life". This highly anticipated album has some good sounds and great features like Travis Scott, Youngboy Never Broke Again, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Doe Boy, DaBaby, and Lil Baby. Let's see what we think about "High Off Life".


If I had to describe the sound of "High Off Life" in one sentence, I would say that it is a mixture of "classic Future" and features with artists that complement the "classic Future" sound. The "classic Future" sound that I am referring to is a melodic sound with a bumping bass. Future's two different signature rapping styles are his slow and effortless flow and his fast and aggressive flow. Both of these rapping styles mix with his sound perfectly, leading to the success that Future has had consistently throughout his career in the rap game. An example of a slow and melodic "classic Future" track on this album is "One of My", and an example of a fast and aggressive classic Future track on this album is "HiTek Tek". Both sounds demonstrate Future's ability to switch tempos in different songs but still master both tempos. Like on previous studio albums, Future does this very well on "High Off Life". Along with mastering different tempos in different songs, Future chose artists that have rapping styles and sounds that complement his sound very well. For example, Travis Scott's signature melodic, slow, and astronomical sound went really well with Future's melodic sound on the track "Solitaires", and NBA Youngboy's voice fits the track "Trillionaire" perfectly because he likes to mix singing and rapping together. With all of this considered, the sound on "High Off Life" receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Future's flow is undeniable. As I previously mentioned, his two signature flows are his slow and effortless flow and his fast and aggressive flow. Future continued this trend on "High Off Life". His lyrics are very typical of him. He is typically either rapping about money and luxury fashion, his collection of females he has been with, or the pain and struggle he went through. It would have been nice to see him venture off and tell more stories as he has done on previous songs like "Feds Did A Sweep". Because of this, "High Off Life" receives a 7/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, and it lost three points because there were not really any lyrics or wordplay sequences that stood out.


The art behind the album is the weak link that brought the album down. Previous Future albums told stories, and the individual tracks did so as well. Unfortunately, on "High Off Life" there is less of this. It is hard to put together what the different meanings behind certain songs are, and the lyrics of songs aren't telling clear stories. Because of this, the art behind "High Off Life" receives a 6/10.


Posted With Demons, Last Name


Trapped in the Sun, HiTek Tek, Touch the Sky, Solitaires, Ridin Strikers, Trillionaire

Is "High Off Life" one of Future's best projects? No. But, it is very quality. And, in Future's defense, he has set the bar very high in the past. Because of this, the final score for "High Off Life" is a 7.7/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the album below.


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