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Grimes Says Her New Song is About "Having to Defeat Azealia Banks"

Grimes shared an unreleased track during her Splendour XR virtual set, revealing on Discord that the song is about Azealia Banks.

The track, reportedly titled "100% Tragedy," is described by Grimes as "about having to defeat azealia banks when she tried to destroy my life." While she didn’t specify details, the artist could be referring to the 2018 incident when Banks allegedly stayed at Elon Musk's home (which she previously described as being "in an episode of Get Out") for three days while waiting for Grimes, who she was supposed to collaborate with, to show up.

Banks responded to the track soon after in a now-deleted Instagram Story, writing, "Grimes def has some psychosexual obsession with me. i think it’s bitterness cuz she doesn’t have the musical capacity i have. everything she does is out of pretentiousness and it comes out like that … while everything i do is out of natural swag & geniusness lmaoo." She added, "Starting to notice all the weird undercover millennial racists hide out on discord."

In March 2020, Grimes claimed that Banks had apologized to her about the incident, calling it "a sad, dark thing." She reflected, "I just, like, forgive her, and forgiving her is really, really hard. I was losing my sh*t. I was like, 'Oh, f*ck, oh, f*ck.' I felt I had caused the downfall of everything I care about and everyone I care about, like, I f*cked everything up, like really crazy."

How the song will address everything has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for updates.


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