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In Review: Chlöe's "FYS"

Almost a year after the release of her debut album, Chlöe Bailey dropped her first solo single of the year, “FYS.” The Atlanta native, who is most known for being Beyoncé’s protégé along with her sister, Halle Bailey, in their group Chloe x Halle, not only had a sold-out tour last year but has successfully made a name for herself outside of the sister duo with hits like “Have Mercy,” “How Does It Make You Feel,” and “Treat Me” gaining millions of streams each.  “FYS,” co-produced by Chlöe, gives listeners a sensual and straightforward song about wanting someone regardless of their status.


This song starts acapella, something Chlöe is no stranger to—it’s similar to the outro in “Treat Me,” although there are fewer harmonies in this intro. Then, a beat kicks in with snaps and hi-hats. 

As she almost chants the lyrics on the verses and hooks, you can hear her whispers in the background, along with her layered vocals. The background vocals in this song are almost as interesting to listen to as the main lyrics, and an acapella version of this song would probably sound magnificent.

One thing she likes to play around with is the inflections in her voice and tone, which is what stands out the most on this track. From the intro to the verses to the hook, she changes her vocals depending on the mood of the lyrics.

For example, in the pre-hook, when she sings, “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you, Just tell me what you need, I’ll fulfill it for you,” her tone is airy and light, as she uses her falsetto and mixed voice to give off a softer vibe. Then on the hook, when she sings, “F*ck your status, it don’t matter”, it’s much more punchy as this may be Chlöe’s way of trying to show she means what she’s saying. 

The outro of the song is a breakdown as she repeats the same lyrics, as a distorted voice echoes hers in the background, “I just wanna be the one you trust, I just wanna be the one you love, and need, and need, and need.” 

Overall, this song is very intriguing sonically, and there’s something new to discover with every listen. The harmonies, melodies, and vocal choices that Chlöe makes in this song make it easy to replay over and over.


On a recent Instagram live, the songstress announced that this catchy tune is about how she can love a person regardless of their social status, especially with her being a celebrity.

The lyrics of this song set the mood for an intimate setting as she sings to her lover about how much she wants to be close to him. The phrases “Love me” and “I just wanna love you baby” are repeated throughout the whole song.

With lyrics like “Think of me when you’re alone, Know you wanna take me home, I’ma make you feel like whoa, You gon’ make me rock the boat”, listeners can suggest that Chlöe is lustful for her lover and isn’t afraid to show it.

“F*ck your, your status, it doesn’t matter, Money, cars, the diamonds, I have been had it”, she sings, reassuring her lover that doesn’t need all the flashy, material things.

The lyrics of the song also suggest that Chlöe has never felt this way with anyone else, with lyrics like, “Promise I’ma change your life, Nothin’ ever felt so nice, Nothin’ ever felt so right.”

This song’s lyrics are simple but catchy, flirty, and fun, and they give the track the overall lush and sensuous feel.


Chlöe has not only proved herself to be a great vocalist and performer but a hard-hitting songwriter and producer as well. “FYS” is just another example of what a multi-talented musician can do. With this track being the lead single from her upcoming, sophomore album, it teases listeners with a preview of what’s to come in the future. “FYS” gets an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream the "FYS: below.


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