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In Review: Halle’s “In Your Hands”

Halle Bailey, who rose to fame in the sibling group Chloe x Halle with her sister Chloe Bailey, released her second solo single, “In Your Hands.” The song was highly anticipated as she teased it online a few months ago, and fans made the snippet go viral. Since the song dropped on March 15, fans have continued to make videos of the track. The siren-sounding tune is a beautiful reminder that true love exists, but it may be rarer than you think.


The song starts with soothing beach sounds, as Halle’s vocals come in you can hear waves crashing on the sand. 

The track is mainly acoustic instrumentation, which allows her voice and her layered vocals to stand out.

Her soft yet powerful vocals have been compared to that of a siren, as they are nearly irresistible. Her tone is clear as she sings each verse. She starts soft and gradually gets louder towards the end of this short but sweet ballad. 

Her background vocals are also very colorful and add much more meaning to the song itself. The vocal arrangement gives the song depth and space and an overall warm feeling. Another unique feature of this song is the genre-bending feel—there are elements of pop, R&B, singer-songwriter, and even rock. 

The only downside of listening to this song is that it’s over once you truly start to feel the power of her voice during the song’s climax. A bridge or even a vamp section would’ve made this song perfect, as Halle’s gorgeous voice always seems to leave listeners wanting more. But instead, the track fades out as Halle continues singing.

Overall, the combination of the calming vibe of the track and her smooth vocals create the perfect ambiance for a love song that you can play at a wedding or for an anniversary with your partner. The sound in this song conveys the story beautifully.


The lyrics of this song are the icing on top of the cake. Halle is telling her lover that she will always be there for them, affirming their romantic connection while still reminding them that finding a person like her is once in a lifetime.

The verses are beautiful reminders of what true love feels like, as Halle sings, “Our love is like the moonlight in the dark, No better feeling than your warm hands, You're the only name I call out when it's hard, 'Cause, baby, only you know who I am.”

Then, she goes on to reiterate the rarity of this type of love.

Lyrics like “The world is yours when I’m in it” and “You can’t let go or you’ll lose your chance, ‘Cause after me you’ll never fall in love again”, seem to be Halle’s way of making sure that her partner doesn’t take her and what they have for granted. 

She also seems to be very confident in their connection and wants her partner to keep his focus on her and not others around them.

“Baby, just remember who I am, Don't let the world ruin it, 'Cause you got one chance”, she sings.

This song has all the elements of a love song with a hint of self-love, which makes it unique and one that anyone can sing along to, whether single or in a relationship. Listeners can hear this song and feel that they deserve to be loved and that someone experiencing them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Halle has proven to the world time and time again that she can captivate audiences with her amazing voice. With the release of her latest singles, she’s also proving that she can tell a vivid story (without the likes of her sister). From start to finish, this song is an incredible teaser of what is to come from her solo career in the future. “In Your Hands” gets an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale. 

Stream "In Your Hands" below.


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