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Jeffrey James' New Pop Ballad Packs a Powerful Punch

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jeffrey James released his single "We Can Be Heroes" on August 13.

About "We Can Be Heroes," James shared: "'We Can Be Heroes' is about stepping up when times look dark. It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero." He continued, “we all have it in ourselves to take responsibility for our future and look out for each other."

The pop ballad packs a powerful punch; the arrangement is comprised almost entirely of vocals and piano, but establishes a soundscape with unimaginable depth. James' emotive vocal performance reaches not only listeners' ears, but also their hearts. The expertly crafted melodies and soulful vocal tones are a winning combination, sitting perfectly atop a tasteful, elegant piano accompaniment. The backing vocals subtly lift the song, emphasizing the tagline and blending in flawless harmony. To say that "We Can Be Heroes" is beautiful would be an understatement; the single is a melodious masterpiece.

Listen to "We Can Be Heroes" now and let us know what you think.


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