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Jorja Smith Drops New Track "Gone"

Jorja Smith has dropped another single, dubbed "Gone," off of her upcoming project. It's been three years since she released her debut album, Lost & Found, but now we can expect a forthcoming work entitled Be Right Back.

Smith's whistful new track (which was produced by Grammy-winner Rahki) is the second single to be lifted from the upcoming project, following "Addicted" back in March.

But while the world remains keen for a follow-up to Lost & Found, in the accompanying press release, Smith makes it clear this is not an album: "It’s called Be Right Back because it's just something I want my fans to have right now. This isn't an album and these songs wouldn’t have made it. If I needed to make these songs, then someone needs to hear them too."

"There’s something about being able to write about one thing and for it to mean so many different things to others," Smith said of her newest track. "I love that this song, well any of my songs really, will be interpreted in different ways, depending on the experiences of the people listening. This one is just me asking why people have to be taken from us."

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think. Are you excited for Be Right Back?



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