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Joyce Keokham Shares About New Music Video for Keekai's "Goal"

Enby filmmaker, writer, and poet Joyce Keokham recently released a music video with FilipinX pop artist Keekai for their single "Goal."

Keokham can best be described as an "intersectional storyteller," using their art to question social norms and empower people with every story they tell. In 2020, they received the NYC Women's Fund For Media, Music and Theatre, and have continued to work on new projects since then.

Photo by Cindy Trinh

They love Mariah Carey's music videos, from "Obsessed," where Carey plays both herself and her stalker, to "Heartbreaker" and its iconic bathroom fight scene (both characters also played by Carey). The "Songbird Supreme" even finds her way into the "Goal" music video, with one of the characters reading The Meaning of Mariah Carey in one of the shots.

Keokham shared about their craft:

"You know how some people can’t eat fries without ketchup? That’s me with music and music videos. If I’m listening to a song I want to see visuals with it too. I’m obsessed to the point where the first thing I do whenever I get home is put one on the tv. I think I’m drawn to the format because it’s moving poetry, a space where people feel free and allow themselves to be less serious than how they are in everyday life. When Keekai showed me the first song they ever felt comfortable sharing, I wanted to see a music video with it. They insisted it was just a demo but we were in the middle of the pandemic and I thought it would be something fun for us to do with all our friends. We ended up making Show Me which was not only their first single, but also the first music video I directed and produced. Once we did that we were hooked."

Keekai's "Goal" challenges the gender binary and societal expectations through their catchy, upbeat anthem. The song's strong melodies, relatable lyrics, and groovy synth parts make it a must-listen. The music video for "Goal" matches the energy of the song perfectly, and is filled with playful personas, sparkling (literally) video effects, and thoughtful video clips and angles.

Keokham spoke about the inspiration and process of creating the single's music video:

"Since we spend so much time together I’ve witnessed Keekai alternating between their natural femme and flamboyant persona to this other f***boy character they pull out for fun. Knowing this about them, I always wanted to do a music video where Keekai could play both archetypes of star cheerleader and star quarterback. Then Keekai ended up writing Goal as a song about the gamification of gay hookup culture, and how they choose to, or not to, participate. When I heard the song I thought, wow it also relates so well to the way we feel about stepping out of the binary structures society expects of us. Plus the tempo and title of the song matched the earlier idea I had, so we went with it! The great part about art is that it leaves us room to interpret things based on our own experiences. If you feel how we feel, maybe the cliche jock who wants to impress and get the “girl” has been a metaphor for men wanting to embrace their femininity all along? And vice versa. In the lyrics, Keekai says “name your fantasy” and our very real, and attainable goal, is a world free of binary restrictions where we can love ourselves completely and shamelessly."

Listen to Keekai's "Goal" below and check out the music video.



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