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In Review: JT's "Sideways"

JT, rapper and 1/2 of the City Girls, released her second solo single titled “Sideways,” solidifying her place in the industry as an artist. Following the success of her 2023 single, “No Bars,” the Miami musician previewed a snippet of “Sideways” on TikTok, which sparked a wave of videos lip-syncing and dancing to the catchy lyrics. Now, with the release of the full song, “Sideways” is slowly making its way towards being the 2024 empowerment anthem.


The melodic instrumentation paired with the bass creates a unique track for JT to rap over. And despite the assertive lyrics, her approach is very relaxed. She talks to the listener conversationally (while rapping to the beat) rather than manipulating or raising her voice as she did in “No Bars.” The track is upbeat enough to add to a workout playlist but chill enough to play at a kickback with friends. The rapper, who has been known for playful adlibs, even kept those to a minimum, only layering vocals on certain lyrics. However, she included one main adlib on the hook—you can hear her responding to “Bitch I ain’t friendly” with “At all” in a laid-back tone. The juxtaposition of the in-your-face lyrics and JT’s voice over the Detroit-rap reminiscent beat make this song all the more memorable (although it only lasts two minutes and four seconds), and the song’s sonic simplicity makes it easy for listeners to digest and appreciate.


If there’s one thing JT can do, it’s punchy and powerful bars that are irresistible and perfect for an Instagram caption. This song is her metaphorical way of showing that she can be her unapologetic self as a solo artist. She sets the tone for the entire track with her opening line in the hook, “Bitch I ain’t friendly, I don’t fuck with y’all bitches.” The rapper even addresses rumors directly, especially ones that claim she and Caresha, the other half of the City Girls, have parted ways or aren’t friends. “Ridin' solo and I'm still in a group (Yeah), Biggest in my city and I'm still in a coupe.” In the second verse, JT even says “I'm PMS'ing, stay the fuck out my way”, which sums up the women empowerment vibe of the entire song. “Sideways” is a song that represents embracing your true self and demanding that everyone else respects that. If they don’t, do you anyways—as JT chanted in the song, “Bitch I’m up now, give a fuck what you think. Bitch I’m up now, give a fuck what you think.”


“Sideways” has proved that there’s nothing JT can’t do. She’s creating a path for herself in entertainment and is on track to becoming a high fashion icon and a household name. This song is her affirmation of her place in the industry and a reminder to take her seriously as an artist. Her exclamation of her presence has inspired an authentic sound that’s not only relatable and relevant but appealing and reassuring for listeners. Make way for JT because she’s here to stay. “Sideways” gets a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream “Sideways” below.


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