Latto Addresses Her Name Change on New Track "The Biggest"

Latto, who formerly rapped under the stage name Miss Mulatto or Mulatto, changed her name earlier this week. The Atlanta rapper discusses her new name on "The Biggest:"

"Misunderstood so I made it official / Changed the name, watch them still make it an issue,” she raps. "Big Latto, bitch, ain’t nothin’ ‘bout me little / Let me show you bitches how to ball when all odds against you."

Although the rapper claimed to have been trying to embrace her mixed ethnicity, the term "Mulatto" has been deemed offensive by many. At a certain point, the controversy surrounding her name even started to overshadow her talent. Latto makes it clear on "The Biggest," however, that she wasn’t swayed by the criticism to change her name.

"Rap bitches ain’t talkin’ ‘bout nothin’ / Fuck it, I’ll change my name but I bet they still gon’ find somethin’," she continues. "Y’all ain’t bully out my shit / Drop hits, I still ain’t miss."

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think of Latto's name change.