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Laufey's Debut Album "Typical of Me" is a Romantic Nod to the Past

Icelandic cellist and singer-songwriter Laufey recently released her debut Album titled Typical of Me.

Laufey has experience performing with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and reached the finals of Iceland's Got Talent. A large portion of the songs on Typical of Me were written from her dorm room at Berklee College of Music.

Typical of Me highlights Laufey's timeless and silky-smooth voice, which reinvents the classic tones of early jazz legends.

"Like the Movies" is an ode to romantic movies and the struggles of the disappointing realities of love. The song begins with lyrics about a bookstore meet-cute, and references a variety of classic romantic tropes, including Laufey's desire to "get soaked in the rain, and smile through the pain." Ultimately, the singer-songwriter concludes that "no one’s ever good enough" and that she wants "a love like I’ve seen in the movies; that’s why I’ll never fall in love." "Like the Movies" features piano and horns instrumentations inspired by 40s jazz playing, and is consistent to the light and mellow energy of the album.

Laufey, a modern Ella Fitzgerald, has a unique and inviting sound, which comes through in Typical of Me.

Listen to Typical of Me below and let us know what you think.



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