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Lunay's New Single "Relaciones" Makes Us Evaluate Our Relationships.

Jefnier Osorio Moreno otherwise known as Lunay has become one of the hottest Latino-trap/ reggaeton artists. Releasing his debut album "Epico" in October of last year he has quickly climbed up in the musical thanks to a consistent flow of good music that leaves no one disappointed, a prime example of this being his new single "Relaciones".


"Relaciones" is a lyrically driven song, this becomes evident from the get-go. A snare beat with marimba melody and string after tones provides Lunay with various musical opportunities that he capitalizes on. An example of said opportunities is the various changes in tempo. Either slowing down or speeding up these changes are meant to be either dramatic pauses or accented verses. It is important to note that since the lyrics are the centerpiece of this single the marimba is used as an accent that is heard before each repeating verse. The song strikes a resemblance to Bad Bunny's early work, Bad Bunny being an artist that has inspired the current generation of Latino-trap artists. Thanks to the lyrical versatility provided by the excellent beat this song it receives a 9/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Lunay is known for his lyrical abilities and versatile flow, he uses both of these abilities to make an emotional, thought-provoking song. "Relaciones" is a song that deals with the themes of lust, distant and superficial relationships. He opens the first verse talking with an unnamed, unseen third character with whom he wants to have relations but not a relationship. in the next couple of verses, he describes a romantic but loveless night with the unnamed character only to denounce his actions and proceed to state his disdain for the lustful and superficial reasons that seem to influence most relationships in current times. Thanks to the deep and meaningful message of the song the runtime of the song feels reduced to a flash and requires multiple listens to truly appreciate the song. It is for this that "Relaciones" receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


It is no secret that Lunay is a handsome nineteen-year-old that with no doubt draws attention from anyone. He has expressed before how thanks to his success finding meaningful relationships that aren't superficial are extremely hard. "Relaciones" puts these feelings into a nice format that makes every listener reflect on current and past relationships. It is a simple message that carries a heavyweight, a weight that is perhaps to deal with but nonetheless a message that deserves at least a moment of reflection. It is because of this that the single receives a 10/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.

Without a doubt "Relaciones" is a song that is destined to become a staple of Lunay's discography. Good sound, perfect lyrics, and a meaningful message give this single a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the single below!


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