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Maggie Rogers is the Queen of Indie Pop

Cover Photo By Emma McIntyre 2019

Maggie Rogers is a powerful soul that has been releasing music since she was in college at NYU. Her niche way of connecting to fans is what makes her, and the music she makes so special. After a two-year hiatus, Rogers just announced she will be coming out with a new album. Considering the success of her past records, this will be an impactful and exciting release in the music world.

Rogers originally became famous after a video of her music went viral. Famous music producer and singer Pharrell came to NYU in 2016 to give students feedback on their progress with music producing other technical aspects in the industry. When listening to Rogers’s demo, he was speechless. The video now has over 7 million views combined on YouTube and was the kickstart Maggie Rogers needed in order to gain a fandom.

In 2019, her first album, Heard It In A Past Life took over the genre of indie pop. Rogers dove headfirst into her work and created a masterpiece of a record. Her most popular songs include “Light On”, “Alaska” and “Fallingwater” which all have over 100 million streams on Spotify. Her voice is unique and blends extremely well with the sounds she layers over it. The way she produces is an art form, unlike most artists in her genre. In addition to having success on her debut album, Rogers was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2019 Grammys.

Photo By Maggie Rogers Spotify

Since then, a lot has changed for Maggie and her lifestyle. Obviously, COVID-19 was a big factor that affected musicians across the globe. Rogers took a route in music that she might not have if the pandemic didn’t hit when it did. In 2020, she released a record called Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016. The album consists of music she had written and recorded throughout her whole life from when she was 16 until the present day. She told the fans “I wanted to give you the chance to hear me grow and change…all of those pieces are really beautiful parts of my present”. It is so raw and emotional to listen to the record and thoroughly analyze the process of her musical journey.

Currently, Maggie is a grad student at Harvard University. Fans are constantly tweeting at Rogers for new music and life updates, but in the past year, she has taken time for herself while focusing on school. Well, fans will be happy when they hear that Rogers is releasing a new album coming July 29, titled Surrender. She also just came out with the lead single “That’s Where I Am”, which is an amazing way to start this era. This weekend, she will be performing at Coachella and has a big year ahead of her. Listen to her new single below:


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