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No 808s, Just Heartbreak: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting divorced

It seems as though 2021 has taken its first victim: the union of Kim and Kanye West. From Kanye's never-ending fight with Taylor Swift to ranting about slavery being a choice and rapping about money issues, the couple, more specifically Kanye himself, occupied the real estate of every tabloid for the past few years. Kim is finally done.

Honestly, we've been expecting this impending news. The first rumors of divorce came in 2018, when Kanye began to resent Kim's work on prison reform with Meek Mill, something she's now pursuing with even more fervency. Since then, the great schism has only widened and at an exponential rate. Kim has focused on her goal to become a lawyer and Kanye well, he ran for president.

The two have lived separately for some time now. Kanye worked on ye in Wyoming where he owns two ranches per Kim's separation suggestions. Meanwhile, Kim resides in their $40 million mansion in Calabasas with their children. Kanye, growing tired of the Kardashian lifestyle, made himself sparse around the entire family, not just Kim. Making quick yet short appearances at her birthday, Kanye was and still is over the reality show lifestyle, calling it "unbearable."

But Kanye isn't the only one vocal about wanting to separate. Kim, over their nearly seven year marriage, has matured. With four children and Kanye's mental health struggles, she's worn thin. She's made it obvious, verbally and non-verbally. Kim spent this past Christmas with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, with no wedding ring in sight. Naturally, it was heavily documented on social media, with no Kanye appearance either. With this separation, her business will no longer find a home in Kanye's lyrics.

For Kim, this will be the end of her third marriage. As for Kanye, this marks the end of his first. At the end of the rapper's relationship with Alexis Phifer, fans saw the release of 808s and Heartbreak. Following his breakup with Amber Rose, fans saw the release of one of Kanye West's most iconic and revered albums, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. We can only imagine what Kanye will cook up as news of the divorce continues to come to the surface, but we also hope he's able to take time for himself.

In hardship and tumult, Kanye has always turned to music for solace. Now will be no different. He's already begun his healing through Emmanuel, featuring his Sunday Service Choir. Perhaps later, he'll treat fans to DONDA, an album planned for release in mid 2020 and named after his late mother. Or, the project will be scrapped to accommodate his bubbling heartbreak. Either way, we're ready for anything better than "Nah, Nah, Nah." Let us know what you're expecting from Kanye West in 2021. For us, it certainly wasn't this divorce.


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