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In Review: Paramore's "C'est comme ça"

American rock band Paramore has been consistently adored for years by fans and the love continues as they have begun the process of releasing their newest album, This is Why which will be released on February 10th. They have been treating fans to singles and on January 12th, they released a third single titled, “C'est comme ça”.


The track stays true to Paramore's classic sound, containing beautifully layered guitar riffs and powerful drum fills. Frontman Hayley Williams’ soulful voice stands out during the chorus, blaring with a youthful spirit. Her voice is serious and mellow during the verses, reflecting the seriousness of the topic she sings about. Paramore gets a 9/10 for their sound on the Intersect Rating Scale.


The song discusses one's internal struggle as they grow up and find themselves changing. The title of the song translates to “That's just the way it is”, depicting that this process is inevitable. She says,“ I know that regression is rarely rewarded, I still need a certain degree of disorder”. She sings about how her life is starting to calm down as she gets older, yet she still craves the chaos that comes with youth. Paramore receives an 8/10 for their lyrics.


The group released an engrossing lyric video to complement the track. It has spectacular graphics and pictures short clips of the band performing the song behind the pictured lyrics. Hayley also released a statement about the song, saying, “The guys and I are all in much more stable places in our lives than ever before. And somehow that is harder for me to adjust to.” This gives fans an inside look into the inspiration for her songwriting, allowing the process to be more personalized. For this, Paramore receives a 7/10 for their art.

Overall, the track receives an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream the track below.



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