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Press Play: Shanae Releases New Single "leave it"

Rising Australian-born South African R&B singer and songwriter Shanae unveiled her new refreshing single titled "leave it."

Mia Andre ©

In "leave it," produced by Lauren Faith, Shanae delicately traverses the aftermath of a shattered relationship, murmuring the poignant refrain, "best I leave it alone." Against a backdrop of ethereal vocals and a mesmerizing beat, the song encapsulates the poignant resignation of letting go. It presents listeners with a refreshing and comforting sound that emulates the feeling of acceptance and moving on.

This release follows her breakout singles, "am i dumb?/am i done," which captivated audiences late last year, and "outside," released just last month. Shanae's music, celebrated for its euphoric energy and profound emotional resonance, has garnered praise from fans and critics alike.

With "leave it," Shanae invites listeners on a journey of liberation and empowerment, as she embraces her evolving identity and artistic vision. Listen to the new single below.


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