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Rising Artist BAYLI Releases Debut EP 'Stories From New York'

New York-based artist and songwriter BAYLI has released her debut EP, stories from new york, out now via Snafu Records.

True to its title, stories from new york is an urban symphony depicting BAYLI's coming-of-age in NYC. The collection of songs piece together a mosaic of stories that define BAYLI's self-discovery through introspection and evolution. The genre-defying project is an invitation into her world, of which BAYLI notes: "The concept really just came naturally. As we started to make songs for the project, I noticed that they all had this storyline that brought me back to NYC. With all the ways the city has influenced my identity with music and art and fashion and even my family’s identity too, it just felt so right."

Photo by Charlotte Rutherford, Courtesy of BAYLI

The journey to stories from new york began in 2018 with BAYLI’s debut mixtape as a solo artist, followed by the releases of "boys lie" and "sushi for breakfast" in 2020. From treating girls to a night out and indulging in "sushi for breakfast" the next morning, to establishing power over her ex (and other men) on "boys lie," BAYLI asserts her strength as a Black, queer woman.

2021 has only catalyzed BAYLI's momentum, kicking off with beat-heavy "not safe," an empowering self-realization anthem. BAYLI later teamed up with ILoveMakonnen for the June 2021 release of "SICK!."

Centered in NYC, yet drawing influence from international art and fashion, the EP encapsulates the powerful narrative BAYLI has revealed over the past year, with her Brooklyn roots at the heart of the project. She says, "NYC is a tough city to grow up in as it really has so much talent here you can go overlooked. I think it teaches you to follow our dreams and focus on what you can control. Your neighbor who is a regular person could be a huge fashion Designer in the blink of an eye or the next viral artist. I think if anything NY teaches you that without focus and determination it’s impossible."

Listen to stories from new york below, and let us know what you think!



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