Some Record Labels Have Restricted Travel Due to Coronavirus

Due to the international spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), multiple music companies and record labels have restricted work travel.

Warner Music Group has stopped work travel to areas like Asia, Italy, and Iran due to the high infection rate at those locations.

BMG has banned business travel. They will replace their large meetings and gatherings with online meetings. For example, they postponed a planned international meeting with 100 BMG managers that was set in May.

Kobalt suspended employee travel and they are conducting a two-day trial that shows how working remote is. This is so they can prepare to work remotely as the virus spreads even more.

Sony Music Group prohibited all travel unless it is absolutely essential.

The coronavirus is definitely leaving an effect on industries all around the world, and we can definitely see the effect on the music industry as multiple companies are prohibiting travel and conducting trials for working remotely.