SoundCloud's 'Turn Up The Vote' Initiative is Directing Young Voters to The Polls

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

SoundCloud has launched a new non-partisan, pro-democracy campaign called "Turn Up The Vote," to encourage first time and young voters to register and vote.

Teaming up with HeadCount, a nonprofit organization focused on youth civic engagement, SoundCloud will include on-platform PSA advertising and resources across all of its operated and owned channels throughout the election process.

Several other platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook have introduced similar initiatives, and the TIDAL X Rock the Vote Benefit is also driving young adults to the polls.

“Young voters are only just starting to tap the significant amount of voting power they have,” SoundCloud said in a statement. “Generation Z is the largest and most diverse generation ever, and they represent nearly half of SoundCloud’s US audience." Because so much of SoundCloud's audience consists of new voters and young adults, it is especially important for the platform to motivate them to hit the polls this election year.

Acknowledging the importance of supporting young voters, SoundCloud hopes to emphasize early voting and registration, and make the state-by-state voting process less complicated for new voters. Additionally, SoundCloud has announced that election day will now be an annual paid holiday for its U.S. employees to "take time off to vote and engage in civic activities."

Young voters are the future, and take on a pivotal role in leading change in this challenging and unprecedented time. Register to vote here.