SZA Says Publication Didn't Let Her Request A Black Photographer for Photoshoot

SZA turned down a magazine cover story after a publication refused to hire a Black photographer, the artist shared on social media this week.

Without naming the publication, SZA shared on Twitter that she asked for a Black photographer to shoot a cover story, and the publication didn’t agree. "I requested a black photographer for a cover n the mag told me no lol its 2021.. and almost Juneteenth," SZA tweeted. "Respectfully I can’t do it."

After her announcement, fans asked the artist to share the name of the publication, which she responded that it wasn’t her "vibe," but that there’s "TOO many elite black creatives rn to not allow it." She then shouted out a few publications — including Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and Wonderland — "for all using black photogs in our recent covers."

In a comment on a ShadeRoom post about her tweets, SZA elaborated a bit on what it meant to her, adding that it’s "not deep I jus like the way my ppl SEE me."

" how we magnify us through our own unique gaze," she shared. "Its artful and magical. Jus Not into fitting 'the white gaze' rn."