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In Review: Tate McRae's "THINK LATER"

If you still don't know who Tate McRae is, you will know soon as she rises into her it-girl era. As a former contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, she is no stranger to the spotlight. Tate’s talents have guided her to encounter her voice as well as the universe of music. Transformation occurs in the ambiance of her latest discography. Tate embraces the delicacy in the depths of personal intimacy within her introductory album, i used to think I could fly, but in her album latest release, THINK LATER, she is doubtlessly unapologetic in expression. Infused with forceful vocals among beats of exhilaration, Tate’s 14-track album is an emblem of a flourishing metamorphosis of romance amongst the entrance into her 20s. 


Introduced with fervid vibrations and beats of intensity, THINK LATER stays true to its echoes of ruthlessness throughout its journey. In comparison to her debut album in 2022, Tate’s latest sound signifies the arrival of new junctures in her life: a beautiful transition of layers brimming with fragility to a development of pure resilience. Tate makes no mistake in establishing her reborn presence of upbeat dance pop. Laced with lively thrash and breathy vocals, “exes” ignites a sense of both a sultry and lively atmosphere, while the steady track “grave” delivers an intimate yet balanced melody.

Tate’s latest release summons the sounds of the 90s, proposing a reverberation of energetic tunes and remorseless vibrancy textures as she incorporates seduction vocals. Although her newer tracks are mashed with undertones of recklessness, Tate makes sure to remind us that she is an individual of complexity; one who not only dabbles in the adrenaline of her youth, but also has a rich layer of vulnerability amongst it all. In tunes like “stay done” and “want that too,” Tate embraces a slower, softer, yet unshakeable ballad, revealing all that resides under her shell of tenacity and within her subconscious. 


In THINK LATER, Tate seems to find herself in a dilemma: a vulnerable battle between altering her character as a method of protection of her feelings, or being honest and expressive with the emotional anguish she experiences. In “cut my hair,” Tate admits her past of naivety - an old habit she tries to convince herself she’s left behind. She sings, “Couple years back, so sensitive, yeah// Movin' like that gets repetitive, yeah// Singin' 'bout the same old stupid ass things// Sad girl bit got a little boring,'' conveying a frustration in exhibiting the layer of vulnerability she knows she carries deep down. While a handful of the songs on her sophomore album represent an emotional armor, Tate allows her mask of perseverance to be unveiled at times. Fragility embodies the chorus of her sixth tune, “stay done,” as she expresses, Yeah, I know we should break up// But I just can't stay done with you, you// When I take off my makeup// Go to bed, wanna wake up with you, you.” 

Although there is a contrast in her attitudes towards romantics, one thing is clear: Tate McRae’s new album is the epitome of what it means to be human. Even if she wishes to leave her side of delicacy behind, she comes to terms with the fact that it will always be there, encouraging her to embrace herself as she is. She isn’t fearful of being brutally honest about the push-and-pull phenomenon that is occurring within the walls of her heart, further establishing a relatability among those who find themselves in those same positions. Tate’s struggle with her identity is a reflection of the phase of life she is in: one of youth, one of inevitable life lessons. 


Featured front and center, Tate stands boldly on the front cover of her sophomore album, embodying her declaration of being unapologetic amid her current era. Through the intricacies of THINK LATER, she finds power within the recklessness that comes with her youth, a balance she’s realized she must discover through the likes of learning to embrace the mistakes she makes while stepping into her confidence. 

Tate’s exploration of her newfound sound reflects her unique narratives, allowing her listeners an exclusive glance into her heart. While successfully embracing the willingness to be, she intertwines her vulnerability with rhythmic beats, invigorating a warm welcome to the acceptance of oneself. 

Tate’s second album has earned a 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale. 

Stream “THINK LATER” below.  


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