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Telfar x Moose Knuckles Play with Quilts and Logos for their Second Collaboration

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Telfar and Moose Knuckles team up for the second time on their new collaborative capsule. The 24-piece capsule features weather-resistant outerwear and accessories with the monogrammed with the brands' iconic logos. It's a quilted moment.

Moose Knuckles x Telfar

The faux-fur lined coats, bomber jackets, and vests feature a raised monogram of the Telfar logo, and a classic Moose Knuckles branding on the sleeves.

Moose Knuckles x Telfar

The bags add a winter flair to classic Telfar bags as they feature the raised monogram as well.

Shop the capsule on the Moose Knuckles website.

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