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3 Skincare Brands for the Cool Kids

It takes more than effectiveness to make a brand cool — it takes enticing creative direction, storytelling, and sometimes even influencer endorsement. These three skincare brands have earned the "cool stamp".


TOPICALS, dubbed the "skincare brand for flare-ups" is a brand dedicated to changing the conversation around skin. Their mission is to "transform the way you feel about skin through effective science-backed products and mental health advocacy". Their focus on mental health, inviting packaging, and influencer endorsement has allowed them to become a cult beauty brand in the Gen-Z space. The cherry on top of all the goodness is that they are Black-owned by Olamide Olowe — the youngest Black woman to receive more than $2M in venture funding.

One of the most prominent TOPICALS moments has been the campaign dubbed "Good Skin". The goal of the campaign was to deconstruct the idea that clear skin means good skin. To do this, the brand featured models with visible chronic skin conditions.

While "Good Skin" was creative enough to carry the brand for a while, they didn't stop there. On their latest campaign dubbed "Face Card", TOPICALS tapped influential names in culture like Baby Tate, Maiya the Donn, and Wuzgood. Each of the three women were featured on "face cards" with fun facts like their names, their zodiac signs, and what skin conditions they deal with. For Wuzgood it was eczema, and for Baby Tate it was hormonal breakouts and hyperpigmentation. The relatability and trendiness of this campaign caught people's attention effortlessly.

TOPICALS is a fun and meaningful way to handle your flare-ups. Check out all of the TOPICALS products on their webstore.


Known for his flawless skin that never ages, it was completely on-brand for Pharrell Williams to launch Humanrace skin. He says that "Your face is the result of the spirit behind it, it's important to take care of your skin and to also take time for yourself each day." Pharrell developed the Humanrace three-step routine with his long-term dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, MD. As amazing as that all sounds, the coolest part about Humanrace is that it grabbed the attention of men, and it warmed the souls of modern day minimalists.

The green vessels take packaging to a whole other level and it doesn't stop at their

aesthetics — they're also refillable and super environmental friendly. Bring in the cool stamp please!

Humanrace is simple, to the point, and definitely a flex to have out on your bathroom vanity. Check out the products now on the Humanrace webstore.

rhode skin

Yes, the Founder Hailey Rhode Bieber is a nepo-baby. Yes, rhode has had problems with shipping. Yes, some of their products have caused breakouts. But let's not disregard the immense demand for the product, the incredible branding, and the fact that all skincare start-ups have problems. The issue is that people are having a hard time considering rhode as a start-up because Hailey Bieber is behind it.

Although rhode has trended on TikTok for its rough moments, you can't deny the traction. There aren't many beauty brands that could wait over a month to send out a package and still sell out every drop. rhode's limited inventory and strategic branding has made it a hype brand in beauty form. Her team has flawlessly staged the Peptide Lip Treatment as less of a lip balm, and more of a trendy accessory that every girl should want. It literally goes with your outfit.

There should be no shame in wanting to join the rhode movement and buy a Peptide Lip Treatment — if you can get your hands on one. Check out the full collection of products on the rhode webstore.

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