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The Makings of the Second Warby Parker x Geoff McFetridge Collaboration

The eyewear brand Warby Parker has released its second collaboration with the esteemed artist Geoff McFetridge. Priced from $95, these frames are reintroductions of the original collaboration, now available in new shades and lens options. The collection includes Atwater in Beech Nut + Rosemary Crystal and Edgemont in Mesa Tortoise + Jet Black. We spoke with Warby Parker's Chief Product and Supply Chain Officer, Kim Nemser, about their second collaboration with Geoff.

Warby Parker ©

How did the brand's initial relationship with Geoff come about?

We started working with Geoff over a decade ago when he created artwork for our first West Coast location in Los Angeles. Since then, our relationship has continued to grow in a really organic way through both store artwork and product collaborations, and we’re so excited to release this latest iteration of frames with him.

What aspects of both Geoff's artistic aesthetic and the Warby Parker aesthetic are represented in the collection?

Ever since our team first worked with Geoff, it was clear that we shared a common spirit and style, which is something that we look for in everyone who we collaborate with. Geoff’s minimalist, utilitarian style shines through in these frames, which are also a perfect reflection of what we strive toward in everything we do at Warby Parker—creating beautiful, high-quality, and affordable products that people love.

How closely did you guys work with Geoff on the design of the glasses?

For our first collaboration with Geoff in 2019, we worked hand in hand with him to design the frames Atwater and Edgemont, which are named after the LA neighborhood his studio is located in and his hometown in Canada, respectively. This time around, we worked with Geoff on new colorways of the customer-favorite sunglasses, making sure that the frames felt just as true to both Warby and Geoff as the initial collaboration did.

Warby Parker ©

How do you guys want your customers to feel when they wear these glasses?

When designing these frames, we worked to create something that both our customers and fans of Geoff would want to wear every day. The Atwater and Edgemont sunglasses are slightly oversized and super wearable styles with subtle details like keyhole bridges, double rivet detailing, and sculpted acetate construction. Geoff has the unique perspective that we can imprint objects with ideas, and we want folks to feel that shine through in these limited-edition frames.

Talk about the idea behind the vending machine at Virgil Normal in Los Angeles.

With the vending machine, we really wanted to create an experience for our customers unlike anything we’ve offered in our stores or online before, and we couldn’t think of a better moment to introduce this activation. Given its close ties to the Silverlake community, unique range of products, and support of art and cultural events, Virgil Normal was the perfect place to house our exclusive Geoff McFetridge x Warby Parker vending machine. Not to mention, it’s a favorite store of Geoff’s!

Warby Parker ©

Describe an ideal day wearing the Atwater or Edgemont.

While an ideal day in Atwater or Edgemont will look a bit different for everyone, we designed them with that goal in mind–that the sunglasses have an attached meaning that is special and distinctive to each person. For me, given that we’re in the midst of summer, my ideal day in these sunglasses is spent at the beach with my family, friends and a good book.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Geoff through this latest collaboration, and in celebration of the launch, we’re making a donation to LA Más, a community organization building collective power in Northeast Los Angeles to promote neighborhood stability and economic resilience for working-class communities of color. Additionally, all proceeds from vending machine purchases will go toward LA Más, and as always, for every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need. Doing good is ingrained in everything we do at Warby Parker, and we’re thrilled to support this organization that is near and dear to Geoff.

Purchase the collection now in store at your nearest Warby Parker, at Virgil Normal in LA, or on the Warby Parker webstore.


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