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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From Stüssy to Kiko Kostadinov

Check out our favorite streetwear drops of the week, hand-picked by our editors.

Stüssy Holiday 2023 Collection

Stüssy is on top of the holidays this year with their latest Holiday 2023 collection, focusing on garments perfect for the chilly season with typical Stüssy flare. Puffer jackets, fleece, and double-breasted coats of various lengths offer a variety of traditional and mainstream routes while sticking to functionality, and oversized pants highlight the brand’s streetwear styles. Patterns take a natural approach with pieces featuring camo-style tree prints, as well as classic camo prints in shades of blue and brown. Chore jackets, corduroy pants, blazers, bomber jackets, and mohair sweaters are all relaxed and cozy, with earth tones at the forefront of the collection and oversized silhouettes as a staple of the label. Check out the collection on the Stüssy website.

Crenshaw Skate Club ‘S.O.O.N’

Los Angeles-based streetwear label Crenshaw Skate Club has always had a soft spot for producing collections that touch on the long and rich history of skate culture within L.A. and what it means to be a part of such a significant and longstanding community. Crenshaw Skate Club has returned with another collection that stays true to its Californian roots, titled “Skaters of One Nation” or “S.O.O.N.,” which examines the lifestyle and almost familial connections that skating brings people. The collection is a bright, almost fluorescent, collection of pieces that are skate-friendly, ranging from typical graphic t-shirts, hoodies with bright illustrations, denim jackets with pink CSC branding, and a zip-up jacket featuring CSC’s storefront in photo-print form. Check out the collection on Crenshaw Skate Club’s website.


Two Japanese streetwear powerhouses have come together to release a limited edition crewneck, combining both of their geniuses and craft together. A BATHING APE (BAPE) and ©SAINT Mxxxxxx, both based in Japan, have released a collaboration centered around just one piece: a vintage-style crewneck sweatshirt. Combining both labels’ logos, the garment features BAPE’s signature collegiate logo and ape motif, while ©SAINT Mxxxxxx lettering can also be found in combination. The crewneck was designed by ©SAINT Mxxxxxx with an oversized silhouette and worn-in feel and appearance with a slight washed-out tone to the blue of the sweater. Check out the collaboration on BAPE’s website.

ASICS NOVALIS by Kiko Kostadinov

Kiko Kostadinov, a London-based designer, has finally released his long-anticipated ASICS NOVALIS collection, rooted in technical unisex gear with simplistic designs and cheery colorways. Everyday wear sticks to its name with incredible functionality and versatility, with pieces such as the HEVEANOID parka, a bomber jacket, and the LIATRISORY trousers. Basics are highlighted through hoodies and graphic t-shirts, bright colors such as “Medallion Yellow” go up against deep tones like “Obsidian Black,” and pops of blue have their moments. Along with this collection comes a new GEL-TEREMOA sneaker in a new colorway of silver and brown. Check out the collection on the ASICS website.

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