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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Asha Imuno to Vagabon

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.


LA-based genre fusion connoisseur Asha Imuno releases the second single from his forthcoming debut album Pins & Needles. Bursting with multitudes of heavenly harmonies, soul-shaking beats, and trascent stylistic blend with collaborator Rizz Capolatti this is the perfect blend of hip hop and R&B. Full of candor and comedy the track is about “finally being able to feel yourself and flex on it all.” as Amino puts it. If you need to groove this weekend ask yourself “did I call at a bad time?” and spin this track.

Mitski's The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We

Alternative rock starlet, Mitski, has returned with her ethereal, transcendent and truly decadent 6th studio album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We. If Mitski is known for anything it is creating gut wrenching tracks filled to the brim with unexpected metaphors and natural imagery, exploring a myriad of topics from unrequited love, to self perception and familial relationships. This 6th album is a celestial journey through Mitski’s psyche and a masterclass in abstract storytelling. Tracks like “When Memories Snow” and “Heaven” stand outs due to their experimental and evocative instrumentation and soul crushing lyrics like “Hear the storm dances outside/ Something set free is runnin’ through the night/ And the dark awaits us all around the corner/ But here in our place we havе for the day/ Can we stay awhile and listеn for heaven.” Experience some musical and emotional catharsis this weekend in an inhospitable land.

The Beths' Expert in a Dying Field (Deluxe)

The Beth’s critically acclaimed album Expert in a Dying Field is back with eight additional tracks! The New Zealand quartet, fronted by Elizabeth Stokes, is full with angst, boisterousness and dazzling grit. The eight additional tracks feature two acoustic renditions of their more vampy tracks, truly illustrating their range and musical abilities and two brand new tracks. “A Real Thing” and “Watching The Credits” are quintessential ‘finding yourself’ tracks, layered with trepidation, vexation and throwing caution to the wind. The remaining songs are demos, giving listeners intimate insight into the collective’s creative process and musical development.

Small Crush's Penelope

Bedroom rock at its finest: Small Crush is here to knock your socks off with their third album Penelope. Composed of pulsing beats, surf rock guitar riffs and playfully lilting vocals that four piece’s third album is enrapturing from start to finish. Hailing from the Bay Area this tight knit group of creatives have been on the rise since their debut album and have only flourished in refining their unique sonic niche. Tracks like “5” are a fresh take on bedroom rock with their psychedelic riffs and playful lyrics. Bursting at the seams with excitement and vibrancy I direct lovers of Frankie Cosmo and early Clairo toward Small Crush’s Penelope.

Demi Lovato's Revamped

A reimagination of the pop classics of the 2000s, Lovato is back and better than ever. The pop powerhouse has returned to the music scene to release a genre reinterpretation of their greatest hits. Lovato transforms 2000’s pop hits like “La La Land” and “Neon Lights” into vampy, gritty and head bang worthy tracks featuring their new style, refined vocals and maturity. The singer has been an icon for the last two decades and is reconnecting with their previous releases and giving us a healthy dose of Y2K nostalgia with a darker lens.

Drake & SZA's "Slime You Out"

Two supernovas in the R&B and rap spheres have collided to create an earworm of a track. Bursting with soul shaking bass lines, airy vocals and unforgettable bars like “I’m slimin’ you for them kid choices you made;” this is the collaboration the music scene has been missing. Drake and SZA have teamed up to create “Slime You Out” as the situationship anthem of the century that will get you wondering if you should text your ex. The single is the first single for Drake’s eighth studio album “For All The Dogs” set to drop September 22nd.

Vagabon's Sorry I Haven't Called

The latest album by Vagabon, Sorry I Haven’t Called is a must-listen project that was written during a grief period after the artist lost a close friend. Filled with emotion and life, Vagabon takes us on a 12-track journey. Listen to the new album below.

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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