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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Nicki Minaj to Channel Tres

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 

Nicki Minaj is back with fifth studio album, Pink Friday 2. Spanning 22 tracks Nicki Minaj creates a shaking, bubbling and unique soundscape, from the opening track “Are You Gone Already” to a Drake feature on track 9 “Needle” Pink Friday 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat. Filled to the brim with bouncy, bold and bumping beats, bars that will leave you gagged and masterful sampling, Nicki once more proves herself queen of rap. Tracks like “RNB” and “Big Difference” were highlights for me with their classic Nicki bars and catchy hooks. Every track on Pink Friday 2 should be on your pregame playlist or in your queue to turn up to this Friday. 

Adrianne Lenker’s "Ruined"

Solitary, subdued and gut wrenching Adrianne Lenker returns to shatter your heart once more with her latest track “Ruined.” Leading with a solemn piano and later joined by Lenker’s cascading vocals “Ruined” is a soft and ambient track that tells the tale of a spiraling love affair. Lenker’s piercing vocals repeat the line “Can’t get enough of you/ You come around and I’m ruined/ You come around and I’m ruined” as if it were a mantra or a prayer. The track heartbreaking and wistful in a soul shaking way, as any good Adrianne Lenker song is. Spin this track to ruminate on heartbreak this weekend.

Arlo Parks’ My Soft Machine Deluxe

Arlo Parks returns with one new track, two features and two acoustic versions of previous tracks as an extension of her sophomore album My Soft Machine. Parks released “Jasmine,” “I'm Sorry (ft. Lous and The Yakuza),” “Blades (ft. redveil),” “Devotion (Acoustic),” “Pegasus (Acoustic),” “Holding On.” These six tracks seem like a natural continuation of the already robust project Parks had, each track blending seamlessly with My Soft Machine’s strong foundation. A personal favorite track of mine was “Jasmine” because of its electro-fusion influences and Parks’ gentle and hypnotizing vocals. Arlo Parks is here to brighten up your weekend with the deluxe version of My Soft Machine. 

Tems’ "Not An Angel"

Neo soul sweetheart Tems releases “Not An Angel,” the second single to her forthcoming album. Tems captivates listeners with her buttery, soulful vocals, looping afrobeats and gentle string pieces. The three minute track tells a tale of heartache as Tems’ vocals ring out “I’m not an angel/ I’m just a girl that knows the truth/ and I couldn’t save you.” The singer is earnest and raw throughout this track, reflecting on her lover's actions and acknowledging the missteps whilst still facing heartbreak. Lyrically, Tems walks the line of heartbreak and acceptance beautifully while instrumentally the track is bouncy and effervescent. 

Channel Tres’ "Walked In The Room"

Rap-house fusion artist Channel Tres blesses our ears this Friday with his latest track “Walked In The Room.” Filled with bubbling basslines, bold house beats and smooth vocals, Channel Tres blows the roof off the house when he “Walked In The Room.” Between the hazy melody and bouncy bass the track is filled with Channel Tres’ hypnotizing vocals that ring out “I don’t think about it/ Show up — I get to work/ Don’t doubt me, baby, I kill the chaos with a smirk.” 

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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