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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Yeat to Destroy Lonely

Stream our favorite music releases from this past week.

Yeat’s “Already Rich”

If you haven’t heard the leak by now, Yeat’s newest single has just hit streaming services, and it’s more of what we come to expect. Much more direct and far less ethereal than either of his recent projects, ‘Already Rich’ is Yeat’s millionth reminder of what we all knew already, but still as listenable as ever.

$uicideboy$’s "YIN YANG TAPES: Spring Season (1989-1990)"

In a brooding tribute to the cutthroat Memphis sub-genre, the $uicideboy$, of all duos, put on quite a showcase. While it may take some time for listeners to get accustomed to the Louisiana rappers on this type of production, the waiting period should prove to be well worth it.

BJ the Chicago Kid’s “Forgot Your Name” (featuring Cory Henry)

Though still most popular for his guest appearances on TDE hits of yesteryear, BJ the Chicago Kid has something new up his sleeve yet again. In the first single off his collab album with Yeti Beats, he exudes nothing short of honesty and catchiness, singing, “We’ve been laughin’ and jokin’, dancin’ and smokin’ babe / These drinks so strong that I forgot your name”

Destroy Lonely's "If Looks Could Kill"

If you needed a tell-tale sign that the Opium signee's debut LP would live up to the hype, then the unavoidable single should've served as a solid bit of proof. Destroy Lonely's near-80-minute album -- the deluxe runs 83 minutes -- is fan service in the best way possible, giving his cult following a total of 25 songs to run through.

Fred again.. and Brian Eno's "Secret Life"

When Brian Eno’s name is attached to anything, regardless of what year we’re in, it’s worth your attention, at the very least. Working alongside Fred again.., who just took the stage at Coachella a couple of weeks ago and has been acquainted with the iconic record producer for nearly a decade, the enigmatic icon adds his signature touch and expertise to a well-layered balance of ethereal and electronic.

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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