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Watchlist: Alexander Yearns "As Long as You're Mine"

New Jersey native Alexander Yearns has been making music since he was thirteen years old. Yearns played as a drummer for his brother's band for a few years before deciding to write and sing his solo music. His music style is heartfelt, soulful, and deep, while his voice is full of a pain that we can all relate to. His songs transport you to the past–to something one would hear and vibe to in Woodstock '69.

In 2018, he released his EP, To Each Of Us, which features melancholy tracks like "Ocean Song". His last album, Phoenix, was released in 2021. The album's sound is more personal and raw, with its acoustic simplicity. Listen to Phoenix and "As Long as You're Mine" below and let us know what you think.

Follow him on IG to catch some live music and join his music journey: @alexanderyearns.


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