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Watchlist: Bree Runway's "Pressure"

London rapper Brenda Mensah, professionally known as Bree Runway, released her newest single "Pressure" on February 7, 2022.

Photo provided by Spotify

First teasing the song with a dance rehearsal clip in late January, the artist released her first song of the year this past year. In recent years, Runway has been steadily building her fanbase. Thanks to her eclectic style, unique flows, and innovative music videos, she has collaborated with major artists like Lady Gaga, as well as performed at big award shows such as the BRITs.

The afro-beat track "Pressure" is accompanied by a smooth guitar and has a strong reggae presence and feel. Though the tune is under three minutes long, it packs a powerful punch; Runway makes it known that she comes with the pressure, marking her territory everywhere she goes.

The single premiered alongside a music video in which Runway serves choreography, fashion, and bonafide swag. Check out the music video down below and keep your eye out for Bree Runway, one of this year's most promising stars.

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