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Watchlist: Combo Chimbita “Oya”

Combo Chimbita is the collective effort of four New York natives of Colombian descent. The group creates eclectic music that speaks to the soul.

Photo by Stephanie Orentas

Combo Chimbita is led by the enchanting vocals of singer Carolina Oliveros and backed by drum, synths, bass and guitar, which unify in a beautiful way to create a unique combination of different sounds with roots from Latin America and Africa.

Their latest album IRÉ hosts songs that transcend time with creative use of synth, reverb, and diversity between each track. The album was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the height of the Black Lives Matter protests, both of which influenced its writing. The group recorded and mixed the album in Puerto Rico some time later, where the group witnessed the strife in the commonwealth U.S. territory.

"Oya" is a magical and psychedelic hymn with Oliveros' soothing voice chanting "Oya" throughout its entirety. The song is an offering of peace and happiness.

Listen to "Oya" and follow Combo Chimbita on IG for more beautiful music.


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