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Watchlist: Dj Doughboi X Brxn "You got me"

Dj Doughboi, also known as Ryan Martinez, recently released his lo-fi single "You got me" with bedroom pop artist Brxn.

The song's enchanting vocal melodies, euphonious guitar moments, and thoughtful electronic moments make the song a must-listen. The song opens with an echoey spoken voice recording and spot-on vocal harmonies, and builds dynamically whilst remaining vulnerable. The sweet-sounding guitar line throughout the single is both comforting and intriguing, complimenting the bright vocals perfectly. "You got me" is 100% guaranteed to put you in your feels, from its calming, ambient effects and production to its heart-wrenchingly relatable lyrics. Martinez and Brxn are both artists to watch out for in the future; follow their instagrams @doughboi_music and @brxnmusic for more updates!

Listen to "You got me" now and let us know what you think.


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