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Watchlist: Dreams We've Had "I Will Make My Own Bed"

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Somewhere between the synth-driven melancholy of M83, the late '80s arena rock of U2, and the jarring new-wave revivalism of John Maus, lies multi-instrumentalist, composer, and Minnesota native Bennett Blumberg -- more commonly referred to by the title of his current musical undertaking, Dreams We've Had. Blumberg delivered his latest full length LP, I Will Make My Own Bed, in late August of 2021, exhibiting some of the artist's broadest and most evolved tracks to date.

Much of the Dreams We've Had narrative is derived from Blumberg's own experience with depression, love, and loss. His debut LP, Dear Friend, highlights the nature of being overcome with these struggles, while his sophomore effort, Everything And You, is a long-form statement on the healing process. In the context of the Dreams We've Had universe, I Will Make My Own Bed may reflect the fruits of personal growth.

In typical Dreams We've Had fashion, I Will Make My Own Bed exhibits a clinical attention to detail, through instrumentals laden with synthesized complexities; Abstract Fourier Mathematics, unexpected departures; I Saw the Waves Crashing Down and I Was Still, and pastiched new-wave anthems; My Own Bed. It's also within this LP that we see some of the rawest vocal performances in the Dreams We've Had catalog, a tangible shift from the stylistically washed-out vocals interwoven through much of Blumberg's prior body of work.

Dreams We've Had will feel right at home among the nostalgia-prone, as well as those simply looking to soundtrack a late-night drive.

Listen to I Will Make My Own Bed below, and check out @DreamsWeveHad on Instagram.


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