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Watchlist: Esthy "i don't like coachella anymore"

Rising singer-songwriter and music producer Esthy released her latest single, "i don't like coachella anymore" on April 18.

Melodious and mellow, "i don't like coachella anymore" is an anthem for anyone who's sick of the endless posts from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival oversaturating the social media feeds. Inspiration for the single struck Esthy when she broke up with her boyfriend, who is performing at the festival this year, and ultimately decided to stay home.

"I tried convincing myself that this festival isn't even that great, but I know it is... I just need to somehow stay grounded."

Esthy's witty, well-timed work of art perfectly captures the pain of fresh heartbreak paired with FOMO (fear of missing out). The warm acoustic guitar tone of "i don't like coachella anymore" compliments the song's catchy vocal melodies, bringing both cohesiveness and an intimate energy to the mix. With numerous subtle rhythmic layers, the single showcases Esthy's talent In music production and a profound understanding of her signature sound.

In the accompanying music video, Esthy glows in her would-have-been Coachella attire, singing while strolling through a residential neighborhood. The vulnerable, authentic energy of "i don't like coachella anymore" in conjunction with its music video puts fans in the shoes of a close friend, hearing about the artist's situation and feelings during a causal walk.

Esthy is definitely an artist to watch out for; her music is perfect for fans of Alexander 23, Holly Humberstone, and Tate McRae. Listen to "i don't like coachella anymore" below and follow Esthy on Instagram for the latest updates. Let us know what you think.


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