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Watchlist: Fana Hues "Breakfast"

Fana Hues is a talented singer-songwriter from Pasadena, CA. She was born one of nine children raised in a musical family to a musician father and dancer mother.

Photo and cover photo by Amira Hadiya

Growing up, Hues was surrounded by a plethora of different sounds that inspired her own music: Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, Dionne Warwick, Erykah Badu and Beenie Man (to name a few). As a child, several illnesses consumed her voice and disabled her ability to sing for almost five years. This mishap allowed her to appreciate and hone her purpose as a musician later on.

Her latest single "Breakfast", released in 2021, highlights Hues' soothing voice, which remarkably resembles Aaliyah's–calming enough to lull a baby to sleep.

Follow Fana Hues on IG and check out her performance of "Breakfast" below.


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