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Watchlist: Father John Misty "Q4"

Father John Misty is the anthemic folk hero alias of former Fleet Foxes drummer Joshua Michael Tillman. He released "Q4", on February 9th, in anticipation of new album Chloë and the Next 20th Century, which is set to release April 8th via Bella Union and Sub Pop.

Largely narrative, "Q4" seems to chronicle the perils of a struggling writer named Simone, whose mostly-stationary career ("And while they have not mentioned it, She must watch roses get thrown at less"), takes a meteoric turn when she repurposes her late sister's memoir as her own. Simone, whose fifteen minutes of fame yield an underwhelming movie adaptation of the stolen memoir, is ultimately exposed for her misdeeds and met with embellished grandiosity ("Can't see her brother now unsupervised").

Vivid storytelling–even insofar as an entire character arc contained within a few short verses–is typical of Father John Misty. In a similarly portrait-like fashion, FJM's prior single, "Funny Girl", swaps traditional FJM brand folk with Rat Pack inspired orchestral textures, as well as a characteristically concise sequence of one-liners.

If Father John Misty is some sort of modern indie-folk Dean Martin figure, he's only becoming more and more individual, centering himself around poignant romance and storied narrative. "Q4", in all of its exaggerated turns of phrase, is an optimistic glimpse into the forthcoming LP.

Listen to "Q4" below and find @FatherJohnMisty on Instagram for more updates.


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