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Watchlist: Fazerdaze "Morningside"

Fazerdaze is the moniker of New Zealand indie rocker Amelia Murray. She has delivered two studio albums to date, 2014's self-titled Fazerdaze EP and 2017's Morningside.

Equal parts shoegaze and guitar pop, the Fazerdaze discography is a dreamy collection of tender vocals, fuzzy guitars, and electronic motifs. Despite an abundance of critical acclaim, Murray's music has not lost the degree of intimacy which was present when her catalog was just a humble series of home recordings.

"Lucky Girl," not unlike the rest of Morningside, is a Bedroom Pop meets 90s teen fuzz rock anthem. Much of the album chronicles coming of age, puppy love, relationship cycles, and the subsequent fallout.

A colorful patchwork of pleasant angst and guitar-centric instrumentals, Fazerdaze will feel like home for fans of DIIV, Castlebeat, and Alvvays.

Listen to Morningside below and find @FazerDaze on Instagram.


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