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Watchlist: Gabriels "Stranger"

Gabriels is an LA-based soul trio made up of gospel singer Jacob Lusk and producers Brian Hope and Ari Balouzian.

Photo by Julian Broad

The trio found one another back in 2016 when Hope and Balouzian were working on a film together. They were searching for a choir when they discovered Lusk. Eventually they decided to pursue music as a group and became Gabriels. Their songs' doo wop and soul qualities are reminiscent of the past, with a sound that embodies Billie Holiday's musical style with themes of hope, love and loss. Elton John took notice of the group when they released their hit, "Love and Hate in a Different Time".

"Stranger" is a soul-stirring hymn about the all-too-familiar post-breakup reality; we become strangers with one another when we were once each other's worlds.

Listen to "Stranger" below and follow Gabriels on IG for more music.


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