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Watchlist: George Ezra's “Gold Rush Kid”

"Shotgun" and "Budapest" singer George Ezra’s new album comes out on June 10th.

The LP will consist of twelve tracks, three of which have already been released as singles ("I Went Hunting", "Green Green Grass", and "Anyone For You (Tiger Lily)"). As glimpsed through the singles, Ezra stays close to his folky roots but isn't afraid to give us a "Shotgun" type summery beat.

The English singer and songwriter has been consistent with his joyful, hands-in-the-air songs perfect for a trip to the beach or a hot summer day, and the singles of Gold Rush Kid give us just that. He continues to tell us vivid stories with catchy, upbeat hooks, but as "I Went Hunting" shows us, he's delving into some slower, softer sounds as well.

Ezra's signature brassy instrumentals and deep vocals take charge in these singles. Listen to them below, and make sure to check out Gold Rush Kid on June 10th. Let us know what you think.


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